June 2017 Rally @ Nevis

NEVIS RALLY REPORT June 2017 from Carol Davis
(John says “Thank you Carol”)

John B advised yesterday that no one had submitted a report on the Nevis Rally for the Club Blog. Like a fool I said I would do one. Now I can hardly remember what I did yesterday and now I have to remember a month ago!!

I remember it was a great Rally. I remember that we had a whole bunch of Escapees present – even some want-a-be Escapees!! 44 in total I think. We gathered in the wee town of Nevis on a beautiful June day. The Community hall was an excellent facility with loads of room to park all those RV’s.

Our Hosts were Marian and Bryant, Mel and Ann, Don and Netta. We had visitors from Australia plus members from BC and the USA present. At the Host dinner on Monday evening we feasted on Pulled Pork, Salads, Buns and Rhubarb Crisp with Ice Cream for Desert as well as Birthday Cake to celebrate Heather and Bert’s shared birthday.

The weeks activities included a field trip to Alex to visit the Museum, a trip to Mirror to see a great antique venue. Shopping for some. Rumour has it that one of ours even bought a tractor!! We played a lot of games including card Bingo during a fierce wind and rain storm. The regular great grudge match baseball game and a Crib tournament were also held. Oh yes and who could forget the swim suit competition. Certainly not Bryant!!

Food continued with a “leftovers plus” dinner Tuesday, Pot luck on Wednesday and hearty finger food on Thursday. Friday topped it off with the guys feeding the “Colander Gals” a lovely breakfast on Friday before we hitched up our wagons and headed off down the road again.

Hope I did not forget any essentials.


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