May 2017 Lunch

Bob & Sheila hosted a very successful lunch at the Grey Eagle Casino Buffet Restaurant on May 12, 2017. 35 members and 5 guests enjoyed a great lunch and enjoyed catching up in this, the last official event before the Spring Rally. If people look serious in the photos it’s only because they were listening intently to the announcements and updates provided by various attendees. A good time was had by all.


February & March Lunches – 2017

Nanton Lunch March 30th
When Carol organized this lunch she thought she knew the restaurant in Nanton where we would eat. Her instructions to get us there were flawless. Only problem was the restaurant at that location is called the Beijing Restaurant – not the name she gave everyone!! So the whole group was gathered outside the named restaurant because its doors were locked and they were not planning on being open till afternoon. (They did have a reservation for us but clearly there was a communication problem!) It also did not make much of a first impression.

So off down the street to the Beijing Buffet we went. It proved to be excellent and accommodated 16 extra guests with no problem at all. Their food was fresh and tasty with very good variety to choose from. The lesson Carol learned was not to assume there is only one Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Nanton!!

It was great to see John and Judi, Henry and Eva, Erich and Carol, Ed and Julie, Gary and Beth, Don, John and Mary-Ann, Neil and Edith and Carol. We were expecting Doug but never found him so hopefully he did not drive from Lethbridge only to find no Alberta Roamers. (Sorry Doug).

Our group has lots of travel plans – some to far off places. Hope to see many at the May lunch and more at the June Rally.

Submitted by Carol Davis

February 1st Lunch

Seven of us gathered at Humpties, Fish Creek park location, to enjoy lunch while getting updates on our winter activities in Alberta.  John Wuite hosted.  Doug drove from Lethbridge.  Henry, Eva, Gerald, Arlene and Carol all attended as well.  John even remembered to take a picture!   Good to see everyone.   A bit of snow fell overnight so we were missing Ernie and Colombe and Neil and Edith who had planned to attend from out of town. (Pictures provided by John W)

feb2016lunch2.jpg feb2016lunch1.jpg









August 2016 20th Anniversary Rally at Lethbridge

Submitted by Carol Davis

52 of us enjoyed a wonderful 20th anniversary Rally in Lethbridge.  A great job was done by our Hosts, John and Faye, Henry and Eva and Stan and Beth. Everyone reported having a terrific time and the men won the baseball game for once.

Lost and Found at the Hall:    When everyone departed Faye reported that the following items were found:   manual can opener;  white mug with Bow Valley Park campgrounds printed in green on side;  opaque plastic large cereal bowl.  If these are yours let Faye know.

Missing for awhile now is the book that members used to sign when attending an event.  Please check your stuff to see if you might have it.

Decisions made:   A motion was passed at the annual meeting to request emergency contact phone number for each member.  This will be stored by the Registrar – not shared.   Please send your info by email to the registrar (Carol).   Also your Birthday if you want the club to have that info so you could be recognized someday.

Welcome to our new members Della, Melody, Don and Netta, and Denny and Susie.

Also from the AGM:   John V. was elected President, Carol as Treasurer / Registrar, Beth as Secretary for a one year term.  Henry and Eva remain as VP and Wagon Masters.

Volunteers came forward to host the June and August 2017 Rallies as well as the June 2018 Rally.   Watch for more info in the Newsletter and on the Web Site.

Remember that your 2017 membership dues are now due.  (Most of you are paid up.)

June 2016 Rally

The popular Morningside Community Hall was again the site for the June rally in 2016. Lots of fun was had by all. Thanks to Curtis for the pictures

A Taste of Tradition

Submitted by Carol D.

For some, like me, born in the country and living in a large City all of my adult life the opportunity to return to my country roots whenever I can is great. I always say that the further I can stay away from cities when I am on vacation the better I like it. That is certainly the attraction to BLM lands when wintering south. (Wish we had more of that here in southern Alberta).

But when home in Alberta I have discovered that there are opportunities to enjoy “country” plus enjoy some great entertainment while doing so.

One annual event takes place in the little town of Stavely – (between Nanton and Claresholm) – each summer. The Willow Creek Cowboy Gathering is a whole weekend of great music and cowboy poetry in mid-June. The event is in the Arena. The dirt floor provides excellent acoustics. You can bring your own chair to enjoy 12 hours of entertainment Friday and Saturday and if that is not enough than adjourn to the nightly campfire jam session! Free dry camping is available around the Arena – or you can stay at the nearby town campground with hookups.

Entertainers come from near and far but some of my favorites are local talent like local rancher Charlie Ewing who is an excellent musician. He writes a lot of his own material.

Check the internet at for the 2017 dates.

I am a fan of Chuck wagon Racing. A great up close and personal opportunity takes place in Rocky Mountain House each August when all the big guns race for the end of the season awards. It is called the Battle of the Rockies and you can still enjoy the event for 2016 as it immediately before our August Rally in Lethbridge. (It is just a delightful drive down the Cowboy Trail between the two events!)

2016 dates are August 18 – 21 to enjoy nine heats nightly with all the top wagons racing so close you can see their eyes. Only drawback is there is no instant replay! You buy tickets nightly but the dry camping right on site is free. Plan to arrive early as it gets crowded!

The Blog needs You!

Lots of people who didn’t make it to an event or did and want to relive the fun come to our site to see pictures of old friends and read about fun times. In order for this to happen, we need pictures and writeups that can be posted. Please help by sending info to John B. after every event. 

We also are pleased as punch when we receive general posts or updates from members lives. Carol’s write-up last year about Death Valley was very popular. Again, please help by sending info to John B. so he can post it and make you a well read writer.

Man visiting Usery Park in Mesa dies after being swarmed by bees

Thanks to Carol Davis for this cautionary story.

MESA, Ariz. — Authorities say a man visiting from Louisiana has died after being stung by bees more than 1,000 times while hiking in a Phoenix-area park.

The woman was able to escape and ran for help.

Park employees say Bestler was lying on the ground covered by hundreds of bees.

Emergency crews arrived and were able to load Bestler onto a utility vehicle and remove him from the scene, still covered in bees and the swarm following them.

Firefighters told CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV the 51-year-old had respiratory distress and numerous welts from the attack.

Bestler was taken to a hospital, where authorities say he later died.