February & March Lunches – 2017

Nanton Lunch March 30th
When Carol organized this lunch she thought she knew the restaurant in Nanton where we would eat. Her instructions to get us there were flawless. Only problem was the restaurant at that location is called the Beijing Restaurant – not the name she gave everyone!! So the whole group was gathered outside the named restaurant because its doors were locked and they were not planning on being open till afternoon. (They did have a reservation for us but clearly there was a communication problem!) It also did not make much of a first impression.

So off down the street to the Beijing Buffet we went. It proved to be excellent and accommodated 16 extra guests with no problem at all. Their food was fresh and tasty with very good variety to choose from. The lesson Carol learned was not to assume there is only one Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Nanton!!

It was great to see John and Judi, Henry and Eva, Erich and Carol, Ed and Julie, Gary and Beth, Don, John and Mary-Ann, Neil and Edith and Carol. We were expecting Doug but never found him so hopefully he did not drive from Lethbridge only to find no Alberta Roamers. (Sorry Doug).

Our group has lots of travel plans – some to far off places. Hope to see many at the May lunch and more at the June Rally.

Submitted by Carol Davis

February 1st Lunch

Seven of us gathered at Humpties, Fish Creek park location, to enjoy lunch while getting updates on our winter activities in Alberta.  John Wuite hosted.  Doug drove from Lethbridge.  Henry, Eva, Gerald, Arlene and Carol all attended as well.  John even remembered to take a picture!   Good to see everyone.   A bit of snow fell overnight so we were missing Ernie and Colombe and Neil and Edith who had planned to attend from out of town. (Pictures provided by John W)

feb2016lunch2.jpg feb2016lunch1.jpg










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